Harlequin Capital Associates


Case Study 1 - A client was seeking to raise additional finance to expand his business after exhausting all traditional sources. He did not wish to bring in an equity investor or use the family home as security. Utilising our knowledge and specialist funding partners, we were able to use the client's pension fund to raise this funding requirement, utilising his company intellectual property value, including his branding and website domain, as security for the pension fund loan.

Case study 2 - A client with a substantial investment property portfolio, with full servicing cover from rent roll and an unblemished payment record, was given 3 months' notice to re-bank, due to his existing bank's change of strategy. In view of the change in market conditions, and lending criteria, he was unable to raise a sufficent amount to fully repay his existing loan. We were able to successfully negotiate a full and final settlement with the bank at a figure substantially less than the amount owed, thereby allowing the refinance to proceed.

Case Study 3 - A client had a situation, where his bank were repossessing a number of properties and due to the enforced nature of the sale, this placed our client's significant personal guarantee liability at risk. We were able to engage with the bank in this process, on the client's behalf, and achieved a significant reduction to his personal guarantee liability. Additionally, we were able to negotiate a deferred settlement, incorporating a sensible and affordable payment plan, thereby ensuring the client was protected financially and able to move forward.

Case Study 4 - A client approached us needing to raise funds to meet a significant Tax liability. After reviewing all aspects of his business, we were able to facilitate a significant capital allowance claim on the commercial building he owned, which had been ignored by his accountants. Following completion of the report process, he was able to utilise this to offset his outstanding tax liability in full, and in addition, generate a sizeable tax rebate.